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Live IncentivesTM  was born in the oil and gas industry over a decade ago and brings a practical perspective to safety and incentives for industry. 

Our main focus and goal since day one was to create the most effective, automated, and least intrusive points based employee recognition system available today. With our latest version 3.0, we've added more automation, new features, and have reduced the overall administration to a bare minimum so you and your staff can spend more time focusing on what you do best. The Live Incentives application is an effective, robust, and no-nonsense solution for providing a successful incentives program that gets results ... and doesn't get in the way. 

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Live IncentivesTM is a software service provided by Webmonton, a web solutions provider founded in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Webmonton has grown up with the Internet by first understanding the objectives of business on the web, and then blending in some smart technology, great ideas, attention to detail design, and cost effective innovations. Since the first days of the public web (1996-ish), we've built many custom websites and applications, and had the opportunity to work with a great number of amazing people and industry leading companies.

Experience does matters! Our portfolio contains a nice mix of experience in a wide variety of successful industries. All our websites and applications are built upon the Microsoft .NET Framework, SQL, and Windows based server platform. We pride ourselves on creating smooth efficient applications that are stable, secure, and reliable. Great support is also a key ingredient to our customers for life mission. 

Live IncentivesTM is at the top of our priority list and what we are most proud of. To a great extent, it is the culmination of all our best work and knowledge in the recognition industry. We aim to become a solution leader in this industry, known for great effectiveness, ease of use, stable  secure operation, and support.     




Discover how our employee recognition program can help you retain great staff, boost appreciation, and improve safety.


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