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Award Programs for any Scenario

What are you seeking to improve or build upon, where does recognition matter most?

Get your staff engaged in achieving your most important goals. Are they related to sales, safety, quality, retention, skills, innovation or something else entirely? Live IncentivesTM provides an easy to use platform for managing multiple simultaneous scenarios where awards, recognition, and incentives make a valuable difference. Start with a few basic awards and then easily build from there to drive positive and measurable change.

Live IncentivesTM is a points based awards and recognition platform that inspires your staff to earn redeemable points for certain positive behaviors, performance, tasks, or accomplishments.

Your business may be big or small, but valuable staff are important everywhere. The Live IncentivesTM platform provides a foundation to inspire positive change at all levels of an organization. It provides a measurable impact on many business operations including retention and general culture, reducing safety incidents, increased sales/performance, health & fitness, or a better flow of good ideas and information, and much more. It's almost endless, all possible, and within reach.



Live IncentivesTM provides multiple award scenarios simultaneously, and can be focused to build on any individual aspect of operational or behavioral change. 

Moreover, you can add almost any type of award rules you can imagine, at any time, all within a few clicks, and make it specific to any individual business unit or employee type. This kind of flexibility provides incredible control over exactly how you administer your rewards programs and what areas of your business are most important to improve on now and in the future. 

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Save time, money and effort while managing an excellent awards program that gets results simply.

Live Incentives™ is designed to be super easy-to-use in every way possible for both administrators and staff. Being user friendly and intuitive is a key ingredient to success, and we've prioritized that, keeping administrative tasks and staff interactions to a comfortable but effective minimum. Easily modify or change up your program from time to time to target new goals and keep things interesting. Administrators and staff alike will appreciate the clean, user friendly interface, with contextual help throughout. No special software or app required. Any mobile, tablet, or desktop web browser works great.

Admin Features



Using the Awards Wizard, you can create any kind of award rule, anytime, that has a direct impact on your business objectives.

  • Promote and award a safe, clean, and healthier work environment.
  • Encourage continued skills upgrading and learning.
  • Provide awards for sales performance, major achievements, or other milestones 
  • On the spot accomplishment or positive observation.
  • Offer awards to non-sales staff who find new business. 
  • Promote safer driving with awards for clean annual abstract 
  • Recognize length of service for any term or every year, or both.
  • The list is truly endless ...

Start with a few predefined awards such as Length of Service awards, then add ones that will directly benefit and are measurable within selected business units.


Make your Logo a Badge of Honor. Offer your own branded goods in your own custom awards catalog.

Want to use your current local promotional products supplier, no problem. We designed Live IncentivesTM to do just that because we know that company-branded goods can also foster a sense of belonging and pride, increased morale, and a stronger sense of team spirit. 

Plus, you can also offer non-points awards, such as the use of seasons tickets, an extra day off, the best parking spot for a month, lunch with the boss, a charitable donation, or even a new car. Your catalog is totally custom and gives you complete freedom to create truely unique incentive ideas that really are great incentives!



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