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Wonderfully intuitive at all levels

Live IncentivesTM is packed with intelligent and well thought-out options and features

Live IncentivesTM is intuitively simple to use, reducing administration to a comfortable minimum. The system from all aspects is as non-intrusive as possible to your daily business and staff's time while still providing an effective and well designed feature rich solution. In the background, Live Incentives is tracking everything, awarding, and sending notifications when something needs attention or approval such as a new employee or certain types of awards.  

Get easy to understand feedback and reporting on just about everything going on with your program to better assess your ROI and incentives strategies.

Easily create new incentives and challenges for your staff to keep things interesting and help achieve certain short or long term goals. Dashboard charts and summary panels provide a quick overview of key statistics and operations.

Take a peak at just some of the important features you'll find in Live IncentivesTM. And it doesn't stop there .. we are continually adding intelligent new features to make the work of managing an effective awards and recognition program more efficient, productive, successful ... and fun too!



Just some of the great features ...

Issuing Awards

  • Automatic or Manual
  • Manager issued
  • Employee requested
  • Variable points option 
  • Import award points

Permission Roles

  • Easy to use permission role interface.
  • Manager role per business unit (capable).
  • Distributed manager notifications.
  • Verify/Confirm new users.
  • Enable/Disable users from login.

Security & Infrastructure

  • .NET application
  • Azure Friendly
  • Full SSL encryption
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Extensive logging and audit trail.
  • Fraud Protection
  • Strict Data Privacy

Onboarding Users

  • Registration by user, manager, or import
  • Minimal data required, some optional
  • Manager verify/confirm new users.
  • Supports eligibility rules
  • Welcome email/Introduction

Ease of Use

  • Staff self registration or import
  • Highly intuitive and usable for all
  • Contextual help info throughout
  • Fully automated rewards (some)
  • Starter/Intro award packages
  • Minimal setup and administration

Product Catalog

  • Supports fully custom catalogues.
  • Multiple simultaneous suppliers.
  • Designed for branded goods, unique catalogs.
  • Supplier interface for products and orders.
  • Per/user country catalogs (coming soon).
  • Supports custom redemption periods.


  • New users, verification.
  • Awards issued or triggered.
  • Award requests/approvals.
  • Order processing
  • Budget notifications.
  • Action required (other).


  • Dashboard charts & summaries.
  • Detailed orders reporting.
  • Detailed awards reporting.
  • Export to Excel.
  • Taxable benefit considerations.
  • Quick view totals.


  • Setup assistance, user onboarding.
  • Designing your program(s).
  • Online training (Zoom/Teams)
  • Online, phone, and email support
  • User and admin guides
  • Resource blog and ideas




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